B&B Reggio Calabria near Museum

B&B Reggio Calabria near Museum: BBreggiocalabria.it offers for short rental a comfortable apartment just a few steps from the Museum that houses the Riace Bronzes and from which the Riuniti Hospital of Reggio Calabria is also easily accessible. The area is above all more than central and from here you can walk to most of the points of interest that the city offers.

Our apartments and B&B Reggio Calabria near Museum are located in the heart of Reggio Calabria and have also fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with a very spacious shower cabin, and at least one to three bedrooms which can accommodate up to 6 people or more.


B&B Reggio Calabria near Museum despite being in the center are easily accessible and above all it is easy to park on a white strip (free).

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WHY TO CHOOSE BBReggioCalabria.it

  1. we are a short distance from the seafront famous for being the most beautiful km of Italy;
  2. we are especially about 5 minutes from the beaches and the beach;
  3. our apartments are maximum 1000 meters from the Museum that houses the Riace Bronzes, very near from Corso Garibaldi and above all from the nightlife of Reggio;
  4. moreover, our rooms are well air-conditioned and the apartment has a nice bathroom and a comfortable equipped kitchen;
  5. last but not least, on-street it’s easy to find free parking.

B&B Reggio Calabria logo 2Phone Number +39 329 612 9067

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